The food was spectacular. We had dumplings and there was lots of different sorts.

The turtles were so cute there were like 6 turtles in one spot. 

The gardens were fantastic. The amount of people there was is out of control. There was about a few thousand.

2 thoughts on “China”

  1. Hi Reese,
    Sounds like you are having fun.
    What kinds of dumplings did you eat?
    What have you bought so far?
    What other places are you going to in China?
    Have you been batering?
    Have you got any fidget spinners yet?
    What’s the hotel like?
    Hope you have a good time. Say Hi to Skye and all the others for us! We miss you!!
    From Miss Bennett and 5/6B

  2. Hi Reese,
    It sounds like you are seeing lots of great things and the food you are eating Sounds yummy!
    Keep enjoying Suzhou
    Fiona (Jacks mum)

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