Weekend in China

After a hectic weekend in Shanghai Stephanie, Skye, Reese Jack and Boden are heading off to Suzhou today.

So far they have mastered the MET subway and can find their way around Shanghai as good as any local.

The Yu gardens were a big hit as was the Jinguang buddist temple.

Jack says he’s enjoying every moment.

Standing on the glass floor at the Pearl Tower 351 metres above the ground was a heart stopping event for some.

The virtual reality roller coaster was a white knuckle ride.

All five have learnt to bargin hard at the market.

Steph is looking forward to pretty much everything today, as we wait for our bus to Suzhou.

Everyone else is looking forward to the Suzhou experience.


One thought on “Weekend in China”

  1. I’m having a great time following you on your journey you all look like you are having a wonderful time xx

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