Xingwan School

Today we spent the morning at Xingwan  School and what an exciting experience it was for the Team China kids.  We toured the school which houses 3500 students in four buildings of five stories.

The kids learnt to dance and experienced a classroom concert.  They had the opportunity to join in recess with the students from Xingwan.

They were then treated to a huge banquet in Principal Hongs’ Dining Room.

Jack Wilson has had two banquets  with Kevin’s family over the past couple of evenings.  Kevin stayed with the Wilson family two years ago.  This was a great experience for Jack and shows how much the families of Suzhou value our Chinese Exchange program.

Tomorrow we are off to Xinggchen Garden School.


4 thoughts on “Xingwan School”

  1. How exciting for all you lucky students what an adventure you are experiencing. It is great following you all on your travels thanks for sharing your beautiful memories love you jack from nan xx

  2. Hi Team China, hope you are having a great time in China. The photos look amazing and we love seeing all the exciting things you are doing. The school looks a lot different to where we are sitting right now.

    We have 5 questions for our Team China students.
    1. What has been your favourite things so far in China? From Shanae.
    2. How does the food taste and what has been the most strangest tucker? From Jack and Xavier
    3. Was the Pearl Tower scarier than the Eureka Sky Deck? From Jett P
    4. What did you do to fill in the time while flying over to China? From Jett R
    5. How was reuniting up with Kevin? From Jack C

    Hope we hear from you soon,

    Zàijiàn from 5/6 Mac

  3. Hi Huntly Team China,
    WOW- you are doing the most amazing things!
    Xingwan School is huge compared to Huntly, what do the Chinese kids do at recess times?
    Have fun at Xinggchen Garden School today. Look forward to seeing more photos.
    The Wilso’s

    Was fantastic to talk to you this morning jack- it sounds like you had a great time last night with Kevin and his family.
    ❤️ Mum, Dad, Lachie and Chelsea

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