Xingchen Gardens

Tuesday the team attended Xingchen Gardens where they were reunited with Kevin, Jenny and Jason and their teacher Julia who attended Huntly 3years ago.

Xingchen Gardens is a school of 1800 students and has classes from Prep-Year 6. It is an extremely popular school in Suzhou and has a waiting list of students who wish to attend. Classroom house 50 students in classrooms not much bigger then those at Huntly the school site is slightly smaller than Huntly and the buildings are 5 storys high with Prep classes on the bottom floor and Year 5/6 on the top. No lifts in sight the stairs are the only option.

Today’s pictures and movie show the team engaged in lessons at Xingchen. They were also given a tour of the school and you can see classes dumplings, these were eaten at our break time with all agreeing they were delicious.

At recess the team engaged in a friendly soccer match with the students of Xingchen. Jack and Boden held the Australian backline together roved the field picking up kicks at will. The game ended in a nil all draw and was throughly enjoyed by all concerned.

On Thursday we head back to Shanghai stopping off at Tongli Town along the way.

Check out the photos and movie of our day at Xinchen Gardens on this blog.


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  1. Wow what a large school, how many teachers in a classroom.?? Looks like everyone had a great time I have really enjoyed following your journey thanks for all photos very different to Huntly PS.

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