Day 3

Today we went to the yuyang gardens it was so amazing and so much fun. And everyone wanted photos and selfies.

 Here is the water around the yuyang garden there were fish and turtles!

I had a great time


Team China day 4

Today we went to the Jing Yang temple, the Science and Technology market and the Planning Museum. The Jing Yang temple had a lot of people that were praying to the Buddha. The Science and Tech Market had a lot of cool stuff I bought yeezys. The planning museum had a lot of stuff. we bartered hard.

from Boden and Jack

It’s been a busy couple of days for all the Huntly kids in Shanghai. Visits to the Pearl Tower, Science and Technology Market, a virtual reality roller coaster and the Yu Yang Gardens. Tonight we have a ferry ride on the Hung Pu River.

Team china

The days I have been here are the funniest fue days. China is a great country. The Pearl Tower is amazing and lots of fun. Old China is cool. Bartering is fun and strange. I’m getting good at bartering. At the Pearl Tower there was a virtual reality roller coaster it was pretty cool and a 5D move. The markets have been great.
From Jack

Team China day 3

The last few days in china have been incredible, the sky is blue, the food is great, our Chinese is getting better and many other things. Today we went to the Yu yang gardens which that is what all the photos are of. In the last few days we have been to the Pearl Tower, went on a roller coaster, went on a 10 hr flight, went to the market and bartered with people and lots more.

By Boden


WOW China is great.  It is the best city that I have ever seen. I wished I lived here. The food is amazing I have never ever had better food in my life. For lunch I had a lot of food it was great. If you have any questions just ask and I will try and reply as fast as I can.

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